Sunday, 26 October 2014

mel in shanghai

day one

hello people of the internet. so today i will be blogging about my trip to shanghai, or rather... my journey there.

okay so my plane ride to shanghai was scary but fun at the same time. it was my first time taking a plane by myself so it was quite a mind-boggling experience for me. alright so before i went into the special airplane waiting place (i have no clue what it’s called so), g came all the way to the airport just to send me off (along with my mum). it was so sweet of her {thx g ilysm}

when i went in, my main objective was to take my scared and nervous sorry little ass straight to the gate bc i was so afraid that i’d be late for my plane. and as it turned out, i was one of the earliest buggers there. hahahaha. my boarding time was 4.25pm, and i was there at like 4.10pm. also whilst i was waiting to board the plane, they called my name on the pa system just to tell me to have my waiver/waver form ready. i was like shaking, i thought i did something wrong. lul.

the plane ride was actually great. i was sitting at the window seat, and the only other person who was in my row was sitting at the aisle seat. we have a silent agreement that we wouldn’t intrude on each other’s space and we were pretty much civil to each other. i watched so many shows and movies on board - bones, new girl, the other woman and walk of shame. i told myself that i was going to sleep on the plane… and look how that turned out.

i reached shanghai at about 11.30pm, and proceeded to meet my aunt at the arrival hall. and after that, we spent like 10 minutes trying to wake our driver up bc he fell asleep whilst waiting for me to arrive. poor dude. we got to the apartment quite late and i only fell asleep at like 2am. but all in all, the trip was fun.

anyway, attached below is the 'vlog' i did about my journey to shanghai.


Monday, 11 August 2014

my ghetto name is white melon

happy belated national day, singapore :-)

hey guys,
i just got home from school.
{yes, poly kids have school on public holidays. didn't you know? we lead very sad lives.}

luckily for me, today was pretty relaxed for me. i had only 1 presentation today and it wasn't a very formal one so i got to wear that (refer to pic above ^). so i basically got to class at 1, and shared my digital film and video production ica 3 experience with the class in my group. it wasn't too bad. :-)

after that, we got to watch all the films produced by both classes so that was pretty cool. i've come to realise that majority of DA (my class) likes to produce horror/dark films, whilst DB (other class) prefers light-hearted comedy. as for me, i like both. but this time, we went for comedy instead.

so anyway, i did something cool (ok. it's pretty lame, but it took effort) over the weekend.

i hate art.

ok i don't really hate art.
i appreciate art, but i hate being the one creating the art piece.

bc it takes up so much time and effort.
but i'd have to say,
i'm pretty happy with what i've managed to come up with.

the process

sketching various cartoon characters so as to familiarise myself with drawing them
{didn't end up drawing some bc of the lack of space}

creating the template
{it's so hard to draw a freaking circle}

drawing the characters
{had to figure out which character would overlap which}

outlining and colouring
{used the wrong type of paper, 
and hence colouring with the coloured pencils were a pain in my royal ass}

finally done with colouring
{thank god}

and wah-lah!

ok, it's nothing too fancy
but for an art amateur like me,
it's the best i could do.

alright, that's all for today's post.
i'm hella tired and hungry rn so ciao xx

Friday, 8 August 2014



so i broke my promise of blogging often
but truth is, i just really don't have time to

{it's pretty sad bc i do find serenity in typing/blogging}

i've been really busy with presentations these past few weeks + more weeks to come
i'm down with 3 presentations, 2 more to go + 2 exam papers to sit for
it's absolutely hectic and horrifying

i haven't had time to watch the latest episode of r&i yet, and it came out like 2 days ago uGH
poly life is not as easy as everyone says it is, tbqh

but hey,
i have good news...
well idk if you guys would consider it good news or not but
and now i'm sucked into the fandom

what's orphan black??

basically, it's a fantastic show about human cloning
i'd consider its genre to be: mystery + sci-fi + drama + action

as i mentioned above, ob is about cloning
which means that TATIANA FREAKING MASLANY has to play 8 (is it 8 now? i can't keep track of how many clones have been introduced in the show hahaha) different characters with different personalities

i spent 4 days catching up on ob
and that's basically 2 seasons in 4 days
i know...

well this video is called the 'clone dance party' which basically took place in the finale of season 2
this only shows 4 of them + felix (sarah's brother)
but it's worth watching
you can actually see the differences in the characters by their dancing alone

{my fav clone is helena btw. she's the one with curly blond hair.}

ok i shall leave you now
watch orphan black pls
ok bye

Friday, 18 July 2014

i'm back

let's do this again

hello people of the internet
man, it's been quite a while since i last posted anything on here
well, i'm back so

okay so a few things have happened since i last blogged in march, but i honestly cannot remember everything that i've done since then...
so i'm starting afresh.

{let's start with today}
i spent the whole day studying at great world city's starbucks with mum
if you don't know already, i study my best in cafes... especially those with amazing coffee and hot chocolate

oh yeah, i'm a sucker for a good hot chocolate

anyway, the best part of the day was when i found a new playlist on soundcloud
it contains really great music that's great for not only studying, but tanning or just chilling in general

so yeah, it's by @jacksgap
those boys are just fabulous, not just in appearance, but also in their music taste and just generally the way they live their lives

this playlist is literally the
i could replay this over and over again, and not get sick of it
the music's just so chill

hahaha anyway,
i guess that's all i'll post for today.

ciao my lovelies xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

rizzles fo' shizzles

can you feel the gay?

okay so i didn't really know what to blog about today so i figured i'd blog about r&i. what's r&i, you ask? well... r&i is short-form for the show rizzoli and isles, which happens to be one of my favourite shows. it's basically the gayest straight show on television.

anyway, i won't go into detail about the show but i definitely would recommend you to watch it if you have the time. it's an amazing show, and the cast is simply brilliant. if you do happen to watch it, you'll find yourself shipping rizzles till no tamaro {it's an r&i joke bc the producer of the show's last name is tamaro and it sounds like tomorrow so}.

what is rizzles?
well... rizzles is a ship. a ship that i ship with great passion. {did that make sense? i'm gonna go with yes.}

rizzles = jane rizzoli + maura isles

you'd think they'd be in a really cute relationship, right?

we wish that were the case. 
they're just 'best friends', but they're totally denying themselves of their love for each other.

okay i realized that i went a little out of hand with the rizzles gif hunt, but there are no rAgrets here. not even one letter. {if you know where that reference is from, i love you}

back to the point...
you should totally watch the show bc it's like a drama-crime-comedy. a dramimedy. that's not... uh... a word. and even if you don't like the plot {god forbid}, you could always just watch it for rizzles.

come on... you know you want to.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014


ultimate throwback w/ my bae, cherrybomb

o hay guise
so i haven't posted in like 4 months
my apologies

haha so how've ya'll been?
i hope your 2014 has been good so far. i know mine has.

alright, this is just a 'hi, i'll be updating more often' post so yeah... it's pretty short.

oh! and if you haven't seen my bali (day 1) vlog yet,
here you go:

ciao for now!

Thursday, 21 November 2013


she had the world in her hands

i've realised that most of my blog posts are pretty depressing, and this post just adds to the number.


idek. it runs along those lines.

you know how when we were younger, we were promised a life full of fun, fulfillment and joy? 

i can't help but feel like i've been drained of my energy and ability to care as days go by. yeah sure, i'm happy at times, but it's an empty kind of happiness you know?

maybe it was poly that changed that.
the only good part of my poly life so far are the friends i've made there. 
especially my girls, and the drama club.
thank god for them.

but what i'm trying to imply here is that poly's changed me.
well at least,
i think it has.

and not in a good way...

everyday's a routine.
i know that secondary school's no different,
but it sure didn't affect me back then than it does now.

it seems like nothing ever turns out how i expect it to be.
sure, life's great and all, but... it feels wrong somehow.

i miss my genuine happiness,
my carefree smiles,
'not a care in the world' attitude towards life.

i miss being spontaneous.
i miss the old me.

where did i go?
i just need to be saved from myself.

// sorry if i made you depressed from reading this //